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Here you’ll find access to Talks and Debates on an array of philosophical topics at all levels: from basic concepts of “what can we really know?” to mind-stretching abstract ideas on issues ranging through the whole spectrum of philosophical thought.
This year once again sees in new committee members, but we're always on the lookout for more which we hope will open the Society up to a wider audience. With our fresh timetable and variety of events we hope to have something for everyone.

We also aim to keep our philosophy hands-on and accessible – often it can be a bewildering, dry and difficult area, especially for newcomers to the subject. Therefore we have tried especially hard to invite speakers who can present a challenging topic in a clear and accessible way. After all, whilst it is important to have ideas which challenge your mind, it is good to have at least something to grab hold of whilst other concepts wash by! This year we will be covering a wide range of topics, from Banking and Finance ,to modern day politics. For up-to-date listings of this year’s Speakers please see the
Events page.

All of our talks are also followed by a question and answer session where you can take part in the philosophy and challenge ideas brought up by the Speakers yourself.

Our Speakers are esteemed and influential philosophers from institutions throughout the UK and beyond, who talk on a huge range of issues - often about current work in progress, giving Society members a unique insight into developments in contemporary philosophy. Although open to all it is of particular interest and value to those studying Philosophy, at all levels and from all departments.

In a less serious mode, a great deal of philosophical discussion takes place in the bar post-lecture and at our parties! Unfortunately, most of the flashes of inspiration and penetrating insights tend to be mysteriously forgotten by the next morning...


Our meetings are open to anyone for the nominal fee of £3, or as a student of the University of London you can become a Member and attend free of charge – see the Membership page for details.

We also produce an occasional journal, αιτια. You can find out more about αιτια (and how to contribute to it!) from the link on this site.

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To receive regular updates on the programme and forthcoming events by e-mail please go to the Membership page.